Small space-saver: 2-in-1 Mirror & Table

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about!

What: The Tip Over by G. Borgonovo for Porada is a mirror-and-table in one–a perfect space-saving solution.  Mounted on your wall, this objet d’art of duality is a mirror, but pulled away and unhinged, the frame of the mirror unfolds to create legs and voila!  A table top.

Why: Floorspace is hard to come by and often-times a tabletop can just be a catchall for clutter.  It is nice to have an extra impromptu space to pull up a chair or two and then then retract it and pop it back in the wall when you want more room.  Bonus perk: mirrors have always been used in the interior design world for creating the illusion of space and depth through light reflection.

Yes, I found this on a Pinterest binge, but the original post and other funky tabletops can be found here via apartment therapy.Awesome


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