Objet d’art / Flower Pot / Umbrella Stand

Doodles, sketches, thoughts scrawled on beverage napkins–there is something about the rough lines of an initial concept that is exciting and novel.

I was in an art supply store leafing through a random design book when I spotted this in the margin.  It was a pen and ink sketch by multi-talented and multi-media designer, Karim Rashid.  I had to capture it, as I have had similar artistic fits of inspiration in my quest to create beautiful objects that are utilized to their fullest functional potential.

“Plomb” was later manufactured and sold by Italian interior design company, Serralunga (whose tagline, “Living Different”, I love).  A quick Google search led me to find the finished product.  Was it a flower pot, an umbrella stand, a magazine holder?  A leftover prop from the movie, Cocoon?  The end use depends upon the user who in-and-of themselves becomes a pseudo designer–one that curates an object to interact and enhance one’s own living space.  Perhaps what is so fascinating about this particular piece is what also draws me to most rudimentary renderings of an idea; an initial (albeit, intended) curiosity and the endless possibility of outcomes to follow.


2 responses to “Objet d’art / Flower Pot / Umbrella Stand

  1. Love this product- do you have any idea of it’s dimensions? Would it be a tall vase for plants? I’m just wondering if it would topple over if you actually tried to put an umbrella in it.

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