Vintage Ways-to-Wear

Rifling through Etsy is almost as equally addicting as pinning, yet more dangerous. Everything has the potential to be purchased, its products lovingly tucked inside tissue, done up with twine and delivered to your doorstep.
The ‘homemade’ premise of Etsy can lead to some pretty interesting finds.  I stumbled across sewing patterns from the fifties through the eighties, convincing me that both ‘ways-to-wear’ trends and DIY have been popular way before a pin binging became commonplace.

Check out the vintage ways-to-wear pattern slideshow featuring:

The 1950’s shrug jacket with hidden pocket placket

-The ‘Gay Convertible’ sweater/hood from the 1960’s – “demure, swish, & dashing”

-The romantic wear-3-ways jumper with detachable yoke from the 1960’s

-And my personal favorite, the jiffy jumper from the 1970’s–wear it as an innocent halter for a daytime skate date at the roller derby and a sexy bandeau for the disco inferno after hours.

Now get knitting, girls!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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