A Case for Small Space – The ‘Less is More’ Mentality

For as I can remember I have had a fascination with city living the world over and an eye for good design.  It’s only natural that I was drawn to arguably the most fashionable and dynamic city in the world, New York City.
Since landing 2 1/2 years ago, I have had my share of interesting living situations and have had to get very creative with how I conducted a lifestyle of luxury taste on a bargain budget.  And the dilemma of fitting all my shoes into one shoebox of a closet.
I am fascinated by how to utilize the space that our clothing, accessories, gadgets, and furniture fills in our day-to-day lives.  How efficient are these ‘extensions of ourselves’ at fulfilling the needs and desires that our ego, core values, and socio-economic constraints impose upon us?  And is there a way to do MORE with LESS?
Graham Hill says yes and argues that it is no other way to live.  As the founder of multiple successful web-based media and sustainability platforms, this eco-expert has three rules to purging your life of the extraneous to the effect of saving time, money, energy, and the environment:
1. Edit Ruthlessly
2. Think Small
3. Make Multifunctional
Hill’s big dreams for his small Manhattan studio included everything from dinner parties, a movie, theatre, and home office all in a 420 sq ft space.
He accomplished all of the above and more (as in, it also sleeps three) using the rules above and a little help from contest submissions via his website, Life Edited. Take a tour of his ‘less is more’ space here.
Watch Graham Hill’s Ted Talk below. I promise, it is short & sweet.

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