QUIRKY: Inventive Incentive

I recently got a cute cord organizer, called Cordies to keep on my desk which keeps my wires tangle free and stay put when I unplug them from my laptop.

The designer of this nifty little device was Stephen Stewart, I came to find out and he is the product engineer of a bevy of other Helpful tech-y accessories available via the company Quirky.  Quirky brings inventors and their products to the masses via their big box retailer partners, including Target, Staples, & Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Another Quirky product on the site is the Wrapster, which I can’t wait to get my earbuds in. I get so annoyed with my little white iPhone headphones that seem to knot up within seconds of leaving my ears, and the Wrapster is a simplistic design with dual functionality–wind the headphone cord around the double helix shaped object to keep your wires contained and turn the device on its side to act as a display dock for your iPhone or tablet. Genius.  Watch inventor, Matthew Fleming do a demo of the Wrapster here.

Want to see your own concepts come to life?  You can submit your own product ideas for a 10 spot that gets voted on by the community.  Get inspired to make your own prototype by reading others’ and voting on your favorites.  Tip: it helps to have a kitschy name and come in bright neon colors.  Bonus points if it’s Apple accessory-compatible.  Automatic disqualification if it resembles anything in similar look and styling to a Snuggie (shudder).


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