They Make This Look Good – Chic Stuff for Healthy Living

Recently, Brit + Co wrote a piece about a stylish ring that monitors your heart rate that is still in prototype, called Pulse.  Its sleek design (will be available in white and black) blinks in red or blue when you are above or below the target heart rate, synched through an app for your phone.  Though there are other ways to wear your heart on your sleeve, er, hand, fashion is clearly not a top priority in obtaining electro-cardio information.  Similar ring designs are bulky, and some more-commonly found sport watch monitors like this one often require a strap across your chest, which can be uncomfortable and come unhinged during workouts.

There are a number of brands and companies out there trying to infuse more fashion into active apparel, as well.  On my Want list right now is BodyRock Sport‘s Sophie Bra — a floral, studded sweat-wicking top that assures you will be appropriately dressed whether your ‘hotspot’ offers towel or table service.

Lastly, I am loving the sleek sensibility of the S’well water bottle–the best I have seen in terms of design.  The thermodynamic shell keeps the bottle insulated and free of condensation, meaning it keeps liquids hot or cool longer and the contents of your bag dry.  Bonus points for the ice-cube accommodating mouthpiece.  With its vast array of styles (I’m loving the minimalistic silver sheen), it is chic enough to add a splash of color and shine to your dose of daily hydration.  At $35 bucks a pop, it’s an investment in terms of water bottles, but the fact that I want to show off its fanciness may indeed help me reach the 8-glasses-a-day goal.

These days, when it comes to your health and well-being, fashion and style does not really come forefront to the mind.   However, the times when I feel most beautiful is when I take care of myself, eat well, exercise and do a bit of yoga to decompress and stay mindful.  Pair that confidence with a new outfit (or a new way to layer and wear), and you are a double-threat.  You do not have to sacrifice a chic sensibility when upping your awareness of your mind and body wellness–in fact donning and investing in products and clothing items that promote a healthy lifestyle and are there to see and be seen can very much inspire habits that propel you towards accomplishing your health and wellness goals whether that be keeping track of your pace on the treadmill, or packing in a Pilates class to your hectic week.


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