Dual Good – Giving while Living

If you have been seeing a deluge of ‘pink’ everywhere lately, either you are scurrying to one too many baby showers (“IT’S A GIRL!”), or the more obvious, that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The fact that 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetimes (BreastCancer.org) means that even if you’re not in that 12%, most likely someone that you know and love has been diagnosed.  Although there are tons of ways to get involved (the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure being the most renown), you can also do your part to raise money for the cause (and ANY cause that you are passionate about) by doing what you would already do (with or without guilt) like surfing the web, shopping, and eating out.

GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo) is a search engine whose sponsored search results generate money for a charity or school of your choosing.  Depending on the size of the charity and supporters, searches could yield $500 a year-and-up (with each search generating approximately a penny).  You can track your contributions as well as your charities totals raised.  Mine, the National Breast Cancer Coalition currently has 113 supporters through the site and has raised nearly $950.

The good people of GoodSearch also have GoodShop, which promises a percentage of your purchase from over 800 retailers to the charity of your choice, including Amazon, eBay, & Wal-Mart.  They also have coupon codes for saving you a bit of dough as you donate.  Well played, Goodshop.  Another site in this grain is We-Care.com.  Less variety of online retailers offered, but it is easy to add a charity or school of your choice if it is not already partnered with the site.

GoodDining (also run by the GoodSearch folks) has you register and dine or take out to the tune of up to 6% of your meal donated to your choice of charity.  If you’re lunching out this month in DC or NYC, you can stop by Chop’t salad chains whichare offering $2 towards the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Fund for Breast Cancer care and prevention when their yummy sounding Pink Goddess salad is purchased.

If carbs are more your speed, get your fix sans guilt with the Pink Ribbon Bagel from Panera Bread, which is available for the month and is made with cherry chips, dried cherries and cranberries, vanilla, honey and brown sugar.  A portion of the proceeds go to local breast cancer charities.  Doing good never tasted so sweet.

When it comes to philanthropy, one expects that ‘giving back’ would require one to ‘give up’ one’s time, energy, and personal finances.  With technology finding new, innovative ways to help people help others, it is easier than ever to do your part to further the causes that you are passionate about.  If that means doing things that you ordinarily would and like to do, then it’s an added ‘perk ‘in your pursuit of pleasure in the day-to-day to know that you’re taking steps to better the world for tomorrow.


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