Handy for Sandy — The upgraded “Go” Bag

With Hurricane Sandy rolling through the northeast coast, the airwaves are alive with anticipation of where the weather is taking us. Emergency preparedness and preparation are key; and the line at the corner grocery the the evening before make you wonder why everyone couldn’t make a little more space for the stuff you need when it really counts.
People can get pretty resourceful when necessary and nothing brings the mindset back to basics as when there is a survivalist instinct at the heart of it all.  We remember what is ingrained since childhood–assuming the position in elementary school–away from the window, fetal position, arms hugging neck, protecting the head.  We need batteries, flashlight,  bottled water, non-perishables, extra clothes, and a little cash in our “Go” bags says Mayor Bloomberg.  Aside from the obvious, these items can go far in terms of keeping one in fairly good shape for any extended period of time if the worst case scenario ever came to pass. But I can’t help but think what would be in my ideal Go bag–a go goody bag if you will.  I came up with the following list:
Bobby pins–necessary for picking locks and stray locks of hair when the going gets rough

Yoga Mat–you never know when the moment strikes you when in the eye of the storm you need your zen moment;) Rubber also amazing at both deflecting the elements, heat resistant, can also double as a sleeping mat/ pillow.

-Notebook and Pen–remember the trapper keeper?
We laugh about it now, but I bet that thing was waterproof. Having a forum to work through your thoughts can help you remain calm and clear headed. Plus you can burn its pages for warmth it you get to that point and you run out of cash and books.
-A Really Good Read–The one book whose pages you can’t burn (and shouldn’t) are William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s Cradle to Cradle.  It’s a must-read for any designer, as it offers and ecologically-intelligent alternative to making everything from buildings to packaging.  Its own design is a product of th
ese processes as the pages are made of high grade polymers and resins that are waterproof.  I have literally read the book in the pool on vacation, so it can weather the storm.

-Utility Knife–Yes, the classic Victorinox Swiss Army knife is the classic and has a plethora to choose from.  At 3 1/2″ long, my pick is the SwissChamp, but with 33 functions it is more than I would ever use in urban survival mode.  At least I would be co
mforted to know that the ‘hook disgorger’ is tucked in there somewhere between the wire crimping tool and the nail file should I need to access it.
-A Really Cool Bag to Carry it all in–I’m loving the limited edition Boulder Bag by Lexington Trading Co. and Lexdray.  Forget about the military grade h
ardware, 7 exterior pockets, fleece lined notebook compartment, and ergonomic breathable back panel for comfort, and removable waterproof exterior–it’s fricken’ adorable.  The cyan color with contrast red print lining was enough to draw my attention.  Now if I could only hone my short-term memory to recall exactly what I put in all those perfectly concealed pockets…
Stay safe and dry out there, friends and help out neighbors in need!

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