Multi Ways-to-(Outer)Wear

‘Volatile’ would be a euphemism when it comes to describing our weather this fall, and as it transitions into winter I have been looking for new ways to combine and layer my wardrobe to stay comfortable. Plummeting temperatures mean constant fluctuations indoors and out. One moment you are sweating in either your PJs by the overactive steam pipe in your bedroom or your wool coat weaving in and out of rush-hour crowds in the street.  The next minute you are seated at the table by the door with the incessant draft.  It seems that you can’t ever be prepared enough for what the holiday atmospheric conditions will bring.
I, for one, am an absolute baby when it comes to dipping temperatures. I love to be hot and am perfectly content to wile away in a sauna or its outdoor equivalent, Arizona in August where I went for vacation a couple summers back.  To combat the cold, I have a knee-length puffer coat with one of those detachable faux-fur plackets and hood.  On my 5’10” frame it looks a bit exorbitant, but by God that thing is warm.  Last Wednesday was a particularly frigid evening and I was attending a friend’s solo performance at the Duplex in the West Village.  I was actually somewhat nervous that the obtrusiveness of my beloved puffer would cause some awkwardness when settling into those teeny wooden bar tables.  Sure enough, my reserved seat was in the front, and I shifted in as delicately as a bull in a china shop, apologizing as I rattled the glasses of pinot of my fellow patrons.  Had I been decked out in the below designers’ vest-and-coat combo’s, I could have kept warm while keeping my cool when it counted.
1. Drew – Convertible Coat – Wear it long, cropped, layered with the furry vest, or rock the vest independently.  Love the possibilities.
2. Elizabeth & James – Multi-Fabric Coat – Great layering outerwear that is truly transitional.  Can be worn with a dress with leggings to make a warm-season look more cool and with turtleneck sweater and boots to take the pieces into winter.
3. SevenBlooms – Convertible Long Trench Coat Jacket – Made of eco-friendly bamboo–unzip the skirted bottom and voila – a casual cropped look.  I wonder if the skirted portion can double as a poncho? Hmm…
4. New Form Perspective – NA08 – The queen of transformational knitwear, designer Gail Travis creates a dual-accessory and apparel garment that are simultaneous sleeves, shrug, and a scarf.  Genius.  Watch her instructional video for all the ways to create your look.

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