The Power of ‘1’

I tend to think in two’s. Leave it to my Gemini tendencies to propel me towards the duality of personality, objects, art and language. It was in my high school AP lit class that i discovered and became fascinated by the literary Deconstructionist Jacques Derrida and his rumination on the contradictions of text. The idea that meanings are simultaneously created and destroyed seemed to carry over into other aspects of life. My angsty teenage years became so due to my obsession and frustration with a world of oppositions, never to be trusted.
Art was another language of its own. From the Magic Eye books (remember those?) to the surrealist works of Salvador Dali, I gravitated towards works that weren’t solely what they appeared to be.
In my adult life, I have since embraced the irony of it all, found beauty and humor in it. But more often then not, the meanings get lost in translation as the hustle and bustle of everyday life tend to rob focus and clarity from simple everyday pleasures and inspiration.
As I got my “OM” on during my yoga class on day 1 of the new year on Monday, I began thinking about the power that comes from a central source. In savasanah, or that ‘pose’ that comes at the end of class where you are lying there doing nothing, thoughts started to creep back into my consciousness. More than once I have realized that without yoga, my thoughts become disjointed, the noise and dissonance becomes a distraction. Only after a complete and utter surrender of thoughts am I able to break through the noise and prioritize. Normally most would agree that two is better than one. But these days when so much of our energy is diverted to multi-tasking, it is important to take a moment to be one with ourselves. Whether that means shutting the door and the lights off and breathing or taking a walk. After all, anyone that knows a thing or two about mathematics knows that nothing else can exist without the powerful ‘1’. This year, I am making a resolution to be more intuitive–to take time to focus inward to help bridge connections in the outside world. It is only when you find the truth within ‘number one’ can you appreciate and the vividness and complexity of meaning that great lyrics, an in-depth conversation, or a striking painting has to offer.


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