Making It – A show for those with a ‘hand’ for design


I love a good excuse to traipse over to Dumbo, and I had the opportunity to attend the weekend-long design show We, The Makers sponsored by Red Hook-based furniture company, Stillmade.  The premise was a beautifully simple one–bringing together craftsmen and artists that stay true to their design roots by utilizing their own two hands.  Letting my eyes settle over the colorful textures of the raw, woven textiles by Rruka and Stillmade’s meandering table, I had to marvel at the capabilities of these master crafters paying homage to the human industry.  The furniture was painstakingly beautiful–so much so that I had to balk at a fellow attendee setting her plastic cup of Sixpoint down on one of Brian Persico’s delicious, Prussian blue chest of drawers.


The gigantic shirts of Kan Ando commanded my attention, if not for its uniqueness at the show, for its artistic implications.  The expression that the “clothes make the man” springs to mind, except that in this case, these behemoth button-downs were made by hand (where else) but in NYC’s garment district.  As much as I wanted to take one home with me, what I really wanted was an expandable closet big enough to be able to stow it!


When I came across the Polaris lamps by Bower, they blew me away.  Made from scrap wood, they are multi-faceted, magnetic lamps that can turn any metal surface into a light fixture.  Great to have on hand when your pesky fridge light blows, am I right?


The end use, or uses, of all the pieces on exhibit at We, The Makers was a culmination of the creative concept, raw materials, and good, old-fashioned hard work.  This process, I liken to a story, is one I know want to read again and again.


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